December 14, 2006



 Bill Brunton

Lavern Cole

Video Records,Inc.

4444 E 66th St 200

Tulsa, OK  74136-4207


Video Records Inc. is offering a new and innovative concept in the Tulsa Area by providing Valuable Portfolio™ and Living Legacy™ video production services for homes and business.


 Today, people do not fully document their possessions, and in the event of loss they discover it is very difficult to produce the proper records. Also, communication today is so easy and fast that most people do not bother to write letters, but use telephone and Email instead. Hence, the events in people’s lives are not being properly recorded for future generations.


The founders of Video Records Inc., Bill Brunton and Lavern Cole, have recognized these facts of our times and have formed a company to produce a Valuable Portfolio™ which is a comprehensive inventory of possessions while providing a Living Legacy™ about people’s lives for generations to come.


The Valuable Portfolio™ concept was developed after the founders realized that friends who had suffered losses of property were having difficulty documenting their loss and were not being fully compensated. While it is easy to itemize larger and more valuable items for replacement, many heirlooms and items used infrequently are easily forgotten until long after the insurance claim is settled. Video Records Inc produces a Valuable Portfolio™ containing a professional quality high resolution video or DVD. The video shows the homeowners in their home, talking about their life experiences, heirlooms, collectables and other possessions, where and how they acquired them, and how to distribute them after they are gone. The Valuable Portfolio™ also contains a comprehensive itemized list of all valuables with still photos of individual items if necessary. Valuable items are marked for positive identification in the event they are lost or stolen. Insurance companies recommend property owners fully and completely document their possessions in case of loss.


The Living Legacy™ concept was developed when the founders realized that much of our family history is not being permanently recorded. People do not write letters, they call or Email and none of that communication is being recorded for the future. Years from now future generations will watch the Valuable Portfolio™ video and see their relatives in their own home, surrounded by their possessions and sharing their life experiences through comments and personal stories.


Video Records Inc. assists in arraigning an accurate appraisal of items of exceptional value. The appraisals are incorporated into the Valuable Portfolio™. All Video Records Inc. inventory specialists are highly skilled, thoroughly trained professionals. The customer’s privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance. All video and other information collected in the production of a Valuable Portfolio™ is preserved and is never accessible by anyone other than the property owners.


At this time of year, the production of a Valuable Portfolio™ has the additional benefit of showing the home decorated for the holiday season.  


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